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Hellow Fellow!

Welcome to Okurimo.com, your best curated gift gallery. We provide any kind of gift material. Please feel free to browse our products. If you need any assistance or if you do not find anything you're looking for, please contact us. Our staff will be happy to assist you. Have a happy gift shopping!

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Getting Married Soon
Stationary idr 129
Summer Temptation
Bouquet idr 475
Medium Graduation Bouquet
Bouquet idr 375
Recipe Agenda JUNIOR
Stationary idr 109

What is Okurimo.com

Remember how people say smile is priceless? Okurimo is the first online gift shop in Indonesia which offers unique gifts and help you to put a smile on your loved one's face. Yes, we are real, and we are ready to give you the best experience of gift shopping. Retail or personalize. Birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just a simple gift to brighten the day. You name it, we have it. Check "Our Recommendation" to find the most favorite gift, or click "SHOP" to find more inspirations. Put a smile on someone's face today!

Hi, I'm Kuri!
Single Doll Caricature Medium
Doll & Pillow idr 260
Single Caricature Doll Large
Doll & Pillow idr 510
Couple Doll Caricature Medium
Doll & Pillow idr 460
Couple Doll Caricature Large
Doll & Pillow idr 960
Love Happens
Bouquet idr 500
PS I Love You
Bouquet idr 275
Large Rose Cupcake Bouquet
Bouquet idr 350
Medium Doll Bouquet
Bouquet idr 375
Custom Notebook
Stationary idr 54
Kuma Moneybank
Stationary idr 27
POST Moneybank
Stationary idr 34
Pastel Color Planner
Stationary idr 24
Notebook for Foodies
Stationary idr 54
Tetris Ice Cube Moulding Plate
Home Appliance idr 29
Cute Popsicle Mould
Home Appliance idr 39
Grandparents Couple Mug
Home Appliance idr 139
Starbucks Holiday Mug
Home Appliance idr 89
Red Hoodie Bear
Fun & Hobby idr 37
Plaid Couple Bear Keychain
Fun & Hobby idr 59